What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank and how to Increase it


The amazon best sellers tag lets you know that your item has been chosen by many shoppers. It is like other customers on Amazon are telling you that this item is suiting their needs and could do the same for you. Amazon best sellers rank is a little gold flag that draws customers to you and turning those that are just looking into buyers. How can you get this flag on your item while launching a new product?

What is best seller rank on Amazon? This is something which Amazon awards based on the sales from their site. It gets updated each hour and accounts for the recent and historical sales for all sold items. The recent Amazon product ranking was the addition of subcategories and categories. You can now look for items and how well it is selling compared to products in similar categories.

What is best sellers rank on Amazon

It is easy to understand what best seller rank on Amazon is. Amazon best sellers rank is found on the details page of the product. And as you can see, the products are found in diverse categories. There is usually a top-level category and a subcategory. You will find products in several categories and less frequently in diverse top-level categories. For equations of sales estimation, it is a top-level category algorithm that you need to pay attention to. If you had enough info to mat the current subcategories, those numbers may be of use. However, it seems unlikely at the moment.

How to calculate Amazon best sellers rank

The best-selling product in each category has an Amazon best sellers rank of number one in the category. The second product takes the spot number two. Amazon calculates the Amazon product ranking by considering orders for the product as compared to others in the same category in a given time amount. The best algorithm is the linear regression as it places different timeframes.

In general, when you have this database, you would have expectations that linear regression will help in understanding the way Amazon weighs sales each hour. For instance, with the help of linear regression, you can determine that today sales are weighed heavier than the sales of last year while doing BSR calculations.

Linear regression is an equation that helps in finding the required coefficients for equations by sorting through massive data amounts. It is unfortunate because this approach does not return the calculations that you are looking for, but it will help in uncovering great insights.

What you will discover about best sellers rank on Amazon – [BSR]

Even though it has been hard to work with Amazon best sellers rank, through analysis, error, and trial of massive data amounts, you will learn a lot. Some of them are not novel discoveries and are listed below.

Amazon best sellers rank provides updates within two to three hours of sale. The calculations rely heavily on the most recent sales but historical sales also hold considerable weight in calculations. There are different products with almost identical Amazon best sellers rank with a couple of sales in the last one month. New items on Amazon without sales do not have Amazon product ranking.

When it comes to variations, other various types do not have unique best sellers ranks. The sales, instead, roll up to its parent product. There are other variations that do not have ranks of their own. This ranking is unit dependent and order dependent. It can swing by thousands, hundreds, and tens in lower ranks with one sale.

When understanding what best seller rank on Amazon is, it is good to know that it is recalculated every hour for each product. You can never find two products with a similar rank in one hour; therefore, you cannot recalculate a top product each hour as some individuals may suggest.

Amazon best sellers rank

Therefore, best seller ranking can be an indicator of how the product has been selling and show indications of its sales over the last few hours. The only problem is that you cannot tell not unless you have a detailed history. Since the ranking fluctuates frequently and drastically, it is quite impossible to determine the ranking of the product at any given moment.

What does it mean for new-fangled products?

Remember that Amazon best sellers rank will only count the total sales for a particular product. This is not the normal product ranking that controls the place where the product appears in the search results. It only accounts for the sales of the product in the specific categories and subcategories as compared to other products in the categories and subcategories.

However, for new products, they have not had sales because they are still new. Therefore, they do not have a bestsellers rank. It is also the rank depends on historical and recent sales of the particular product.

How do you increase the Amazon best sellers rank for new products?

If the Amazon best sellers rank for a certain product is dependent on historical and recent sales of the product, it then follows that the best way of increasing the rank is increasing the sales. Below are some things to do by increasing the sales of the new-fangled product.

Increase the exposure of the product through your own website and social media. Go over your listings of products with the right tooth comb to make sure that the front-end bullet points and product descriptions and back-end keywords and search terms are optimized and complete.

You will also have to run all the three PPC campaigns. This will increase the click-through rate and earn you few sales. You will also gain other insights into keywords that draw traffic and those that do not draw traffic.

Decide on the right pricing plan. Remember that undercutting everybody is not the best policy.

The effect of the buy button

The particular area that may increase your Amazon best sellers rank is ensuring that you get buy button in your category. In most cases, it is the yellow button that states “add to cart” or “buy now.” In most cases, eighty percent of sales on Amazon are generated with this button. In case products online get eighty percent of sales as a result of that button, therefore if your product has that button, there is a likelihood that you will get a sale.

How will get in the buy button rotation? Amazon has not released a particular algorithm for determining an item to get the button, but there are things which are known.

First of all, the button rotated through all eligible sellers for the button. How will you make sure that you are eligible for the button? Generally, everybody that has the button and wants Amazon best sellers rank for a product has to be priced in a particular range. Remember that possessing the lowest price does not guarantee that you will get the button. This is to mean that in your strategy of pricing, you may have to make your product to cost a few more cents above the lowest seller.

Secondly, Amazon product ranking for your product depends on the person seeing your product with that buy button. Take some time to give it a thought. If your product is in a warehouse in New Jersey, it is likely that your product will have a buy button for a buyer in Pennsylvania. Also, a competitor with a product in a warehouse situated on the west coast will get buy buttons for buyers in California. Amazon usually does this to make sure that they fulfill prime shipments with minimum hassle.

These will only matter when you are not the only individual selling that particular item. They only matter if Amazon is not selling that particular item. If Amazon is selling it, they will hold on to the button for their product.

The race is slow

Before going out to plan for a massive release of your new-fangled product, always remember that Amazon best sellers rank accounts for your past sales. And due to the nifty algorithm, they may also predict the sales of the future. Therefore, rather than selling one hundred units on the first day and then none for the following four days, it is better to try selling twenty units daily for five consecutive days.

This trend will give Amazon product ranking an idea that the product is trending well and evenly with time. Your Amazon best sellers rank will climb steadily. If you get one hundred days on day one, your amazon top sellers rank will make a splash but then make a nosedive as the sales languish for the days that follow.

Therefore, do not stop your amazon pay per click advertising campaign on the first day. Set three for the first day, and then another one for the third day when you already have an idea of good keyword penetration. You will then post another campaign on the fourth day so that it spreads the launch and gives you the desired keyword info.

Also, with the launch of your social media announcements, do your countdown and let people get excited on the first day of release, but do not forget to do follow-ups. Remind people that you have this product while showcasing positive reviews. In case you can get reviews from big sites, do not hesitate in linking them also. Creation of quality links will not just help in covering immediate sales and coverage, but also have long-lasting effects.

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