Amazon Pay Per Click Campaigns: How to Advertise Your Private Label Product on Amazon


Perhaps you also realize that Amazon is set to dominate the online marketplace in times to come.  With this in mind, you definitely don’t want to be left behind when others make a killing in sales.   

Marketing and selling your private label products never get easier than this. Worry no more, if you are interested in this idea but you are stuck on a few technicalities. I will take you through the entire process in just a few minutes.

I will show you exactly how Amazon works.  Right here, I will take you through the entire process of running an incredibly successful advertising campaign.

The Basics

By now you are likely to know the surface workings of the Amazon Selling and buying model. What happens is that buyers run keyword searches for their products of interest. From there, Amazon’s search engines then gather the most relevant products and display them upon the search.  (Also known as organic results). From this, the buyer gets several options to choose from.

That is just the surface working, as indicated above. Successful marketers are more interested in the deeper workings and dynamics of the process. They already know the different ways to enhance the likelihood of their products’ chances of appearing in the search results. That will be our focus here.

There are several programs that you can use to sell more products and grow your business.  These include Amazon product display ads, Amazon headline search ads, Amazon headline search ads, and Amazon Pay Per Click campaigns.

You can get more details on an Amazon-sponsored products guide (HERE).

Why you need to use Amazon Sponsored Ad campaigns

Closing more sales and accelerating your business’s growth is definitely in the best of your interests. This will apply whether you just started selling private label products or you have been in the market for long.

With Amazon product display ads;

  • You get better product visibility and brand exposure. Amazon will achieve this by displaying your products more regularly, before or around the organic search results.
  • You are able to reach a broader client base. You will have your product ads sprayed whenever relevant keyword searches are made. In addition to this, your products will also be advertised along with other unrelated products.
  • You can maximize the target audience. This is by having ads displayed whenever your keywords are searched.
  • You sell more and grow your business. At the end of the day, you will be chasing more sales and looking to strengthen your business. There’s no better way to achieve this than by running sponsored ads.

There’s no doubt that Amazon has millions of buyers who are ready to buy. Perhaps what might be surprising is that there are many high value and sellers who compete for the available buyers. To get your chance, you have to stand out.

That won’t be so hard to do with these paid programs at your disposal.  You’ll soon be on the road to becoming yet another successful and reputable seller in Amazon. That’s only if If you will seize the opportunity and execute the programs well.

One of the best advertising programs is the Pay Per Click campaign. It allows the seller to pay and promote their products, just like the name suggests.

What is Amazon PPC, and how does it work?

Amazon’s Pay Per Click program is a promotion method where advertisers pay when buyers click and view the advertised product.

The interesting part about this method is that it can rapidly improve your sales.  At the same time, it can also enhance your organic rankings as well. All this, only if you set it up and execute it properly.

What makes it so effective? If set up properly, it ensures that your products come before, beside or below the organic search results. This happens for every other relevant search conducted.

Besides this, your product ad can just pop up in random search results. This is even when the keywords used do not match your products’. This gives you a head start in the race to close a deal. Other marketers have no choice but to chase and try to catch up.

How much does the Amazon Pay Per Click cost?

Cost-effectiveness is the best part about this program. This is because every other penny you invest will ultimately count.

How so?

Amazon will only charge when a buyer clicks your ad. No charges for impressions made. If a buyer only sees your product’s ad but does not click to view, you will not be charged.

So how expensive is a click?

The Amazon Pay Per Click cost will range from $0.02 to $0.05 depending on several factors. They let you decide how much you want to invest, so the cumulative budget is ultimately dependent on you.

There are no hidden fees, just in case you are wondering if there will be any. No activation fees and no subscription fees. You only pay for the click.

How to run a successful PPC campaign for your private label products   

  • Set up the campaign

To properly structure your campaign, the very first thing you need to do is to find effective keywords that convert. For each of your products, there will be one to three keywords that are effective enough. Nevertheless, you can start out with 15 or so.

You should note that only potential buyers make close to all the searches in Amazon. These buyers are usually very knowledgeable about exactly what they need. For this reason, you should look to try long tail keywords and see how they perform. Keep experimenting until you find your perfect set of keywords.

For each primary product category you have, you will ideally want to create an individual campaign. You will then need about two or three specific ad groups reflecting specific categories. At this point then, you introduce the keywords. An ideal number would be 10 to 25 keywords for each ad group.

After identifying the keywords that serve you best, your next move should be to remove low converting keywords. This ensures that your products get the best exposure possible, thus increasing the likelihood of selling per click.

  • Craft a convincing ad

It is one thing to have your ad is seen, and a completely different thing to have it noticed. Setting up the campaign ensures that you will be seen. However, what will draw the buyer to click your ad is how you word your ad.

There are ways to enhance the chances of having. These involve accurately, clearly, interestingly and creatively describing the product.

Expert tip:

Ensure you use a few keywords in the title and description. They will help you generate some organic traffic and earn you clicks and sales as well.

  • Use a high-resolution picture.

To the potential buyer, the picture you decide to use will definitely be the first impression of your product. For this reason, you will need to use a high-quality picture that best captures the product.

It is also critical that the picture looks realistic, so you should resist any urge to use photoshop. A professionally taken high-resolution photo will do.  

  • Maximize on the best performing ads.

After successfully completing the process described above, monitor each ad’s performance. Don’t hesitate to tweak or drop under-performing ads. You can do this until you get consistent performance and a steady and predictable return on investment.

What you achieve through Amazon’s Pay Per Click campaign.

We have already covered much to do with how Amazon works, and also how the Pay Per Click campaign works. Here is exactly what you can expect from such a campaign.

  • Increased sales.

For every successful Pay Per Click campaign, you can expect a significant increase in sales and revenue. The changes and trends in sales and revenue inform the success of any promotional campaigns.  On this particular one, you are sure to get impressive results.

  • Improved ranking.

If you are familiar with Amazon SERPs, then you understand what we are discussing here. Pay Per Click campaigns will push your ranking higher and higher. This will in turn place you at vantage positions to do business more effectively.

  • Better organic rankings

After making several sales, Amazon algorithms will interpret the high conversion rate and success as a reflection of value. This will earn you a higher rank in the organic ranking.

  • Global success.

Amazon is already doing well in almost all parts of the world.  You can sell your private label products to anyone, anywhere in the world. The PPC campaign lets you find buyers anywhere. You even get the chance to introduce your products to new markets that have not been tried or exploited before. This way, you get to enjoy a global reach. As a result, you get your shot at global success, both for your products and brand.

  • Return on investment.

As earlier indicated, you only pay whenever a potential buyer clicks and views your product ad. This way, you can be sure the return on investment for this program will be impressive.


Perhaps you were wondering whether Amazon Pay Per Click campaigns are good enough for your private label products.  Now you have enough information about it to make an informed decision. You obviously have other Amazon programs to compare, but in the end, the decision will be yours to make.

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