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Sales at the start of December 2018

Date 12/01/2018
Ordered Product Sales $8,710.00
Units Ordered 242

Sales at the end of April 2019

Date 04/01/2019
Ordered Product Sales $14,777.95
Units Ordered 412

Sales Summary

Last updated 14/6/19 7:55 PST AM

  • Spend : $496.73 Total
  • Sales : $2,518.00 Total
  • ACOS : 19.73% Average
  • Impressions : $111,715 Total

How SunflowMedia Helped Drive More
Sales for Intimia Breast Pillow Chest
Wrinkles Prevention and Breast
Support on Amazon.


Doing business online requires putting in a lot of effort, and doing it the right way requires even more. That’s what made Intimia connect with eStore Factory for improving the conditions of their online business on Amazon for their product titled Breast Pillow Chest Wrinkles Prevention and Breast Support.

Intimia Breast Pillow Chest Wrinkles Prevention Support and Breast Support is an anti-aging breast pillow bra that helps reduce or completely remove the formation of chest wrinkles on the cleavage area. Also, it is a miracle product to combat tender breasts for pregnant or nursing mothers. This pillow bra also helps women with breast surgeries like mastectomy, breast augmentation, breast reduction, or cardiac surgeries sleep more peacefully.

Intimia was struggling for more online exposure and sales for its breast pillow on Amazon and was faced with a lot of competition. The product’s BSR (Best Seller Rank) was disappointingly high. For hitting more sales on Amazon, Intimia Breast Pillow Chest Wrinkles Prevention and Breast Support needed a lower BSR.

And, that is when eStore Factory came into the picture.

We, eStore Factory, are one of the leading, most reliable e-commerce solution providers in the marketplace. We were contacted by Intimia to help drive more sales for its anti-aging pillow bra. We helped Intima overcome its shortcomings and make more sales online. We used smart SEO strategies and PPC campaigns to reduce BSR and consequently increase sales.

At the start of December in 2018, the total ordered items were 242. After our PPC campaigns and SEO techniques came into effect, the total ordered items were recorded as 412 at the end of March.


The challenge faced by us was overwhelming. Intimia was met with fierce competition in categories like Beauty and Personal Care, Baby, Pillows, and more. In a more general category like Beauty and Personal care, the product was nowhere to be found among the top 20,000 products. In more specific categories like Pillows as well, the BSR needed to be made lower.

Just to make it clear, the BSR rank has an inverse relationship with a product’s popularity and success on Amazon compared to other rival products in a category. A product with BSR #22 would be considered a better selling product compared to a product with a BSR #30 in the same category.

Low BSR helps a product gain more visibility on Amazon. Products with the lowest BSR are shown as the top search results. As a result of high BSR, the sales figures for Intimia were not impressive. Sales were meager. Our primary challenge was to decrease the BSR to win more sales for Intimia Breast Pillow Chest Wrinkles Prevention and Breast Support.


We took up the task of lowering Intimia’s BSR rank and achieved it by using the following two strategies: Search Engine Optimization and establishing PPC campaigns.
In the first phase, we applied a few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques like backend keyword research and product listing optimization. With the inclusion of the right keywords in title and product description (product listing), a product can rank better in the search results. The choice of keywords required a thorough analysis of the subject matter and audience and then carefully sprinkling the selected keywords onto the product’s description.

As the product targets women and particularly nursing and pregnant women, we made sure the product is included in categories like Mom, Pillows, Baby, and Beauty, to name a few. The pillow bra is an anti-aging product aimed at preventing chest wrinkles and is also used as breast support, so we sprinkled keywords like breast support and chest wrinkle prevention here and there.

In the next phase, we created PPC (pay per click) campaigns for Intimia. PPC means you pay for every ad click. In case you didn’t know, you can also place ads on Amazon, clicking which will take visitors to your product page on Amazon. Amazon charges you for every ad click whether any sales were made or not.

PPC is an alternative to SEO in getting more sales. You pay an amount in return of user traffic on your Amazon product page. However, PPC can adversely affect your ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales), and carefully crafted PPC campaigns are a way to prevent that.

We created several PPC campaigns like automatic and manual campaigns and incorporated a number of clever techniques to decrease the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS). We created a mix of both Automatic and Manual Campaigns, optimized bidding, and included some negative keywords to prevent Amazon from unnecessarily showing ads costing us more and more money.

The role of negative keywords may be a little difficult to understand at first. But once you get the whole idea, you realize how it is a blessing in disguise and can save you tons of money. Negative keywords let us dictate Amazon on when and for which keywords to display our advertisements. And who doesn’t like a little control?


Intimia was looking for ways to lower its BSR on Amazon, increase its sales, and earn more profit. Intimia realized the power of SEO and PPC campaigns in the domain of Amazon and decided to harness this power for their good. Sales and profit were both just a few keywords away, which were made possible with the help of eStore Factory’s insightful SEO techniques and PPC campaigns.

The BSR declined tremendously – from #28,363 here is screenshot :-

in Beauty and Personal Care to #15,827 and from #22 to #19 in Breast Feeding Pillows.
Here is screenshot: –

The ACOS dropped from 24.21% Here is screenshot:

to 17.84%% in just three month Consequently, the number of sales skyrocketed.
Here is screenshot

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