Amazon Promotions and Lightning Deals

Amazon Promotion is a great way of increasing sales and product awareness

Amazon Promotions

Amazon Promotion is a great way of increasing sales and product awareness. While there are multiple forms of promotion on Amazon such as Money Off, Free Shipping, buy 1 Get 1 Free, there are different effects of each promotion on every product.
Sunflowmedia is a strategy driven Amazon Service Provider that takes note of each and every step. We have separated various methods of promotion varying from product to product that can help you build a stronger Amazon Online Store.

Basically, we apply three types of Amazon Promotions

Money Off Promotions

In Money Off Promotion, you provide a Redeem Code to prospects, and prospects can use that code at the checkout to get the decided discount.
Discount is a great way to attract customers. It is also effective in getting new customers. Discounts motivate new prospects to try out your product and this increases your customer base eventually!

Free Shipping

Free Shipping is another great way to attract prospects to your brand. In many cases, the potential customers give up at the check-out because the shipping charges makes the total cost to get out of customer’s budget. Free shipping is a great way to reduce Cart Abandonment.
Free shipping cuts the total price of the order, and that may increase your product sales!

Buy One Get One Free

Buy 1 get 1 free is one of the oldest but most effective promotional methods of all time. This approach makes a huge sense! Customers are getting two products at the price of one. This not only attracts your usual customers but also new ones. New customers will be motivated to try out your brand resulting into an increase in your customer base!

Why Sunflowmedia for Amazon Promotions?

Setting up Amazon Promotions is a thoughtful process. Amazon promotions are depended on multiple factors. We always ask the following questions to ourselves when designing a cool promotion for you:
Sunflowmedia provides end to end Amazon Promotion Consultation and our experts will design a full proof Amazon Promotion for you. Connect with us to discuss your next Amazon promotion.
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Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon Lightning Deal is a promotional way where products are offered with discount for a limited period of time. These deals are usually found on Amazon’s “Today’s Deal” Page.
Lightning Deal is a great way to differentiate your product from competitor products by giving a timely discount. As the clock is running, there will be quick buyers of your product. This is one of the greatest ways to sell a huge amount of stock in limited time.

Amazon Lightning Deal can give you the following benefits:

More Visibility

Today’s Deal Page is one of the most visited page of where prospects constantly check good products that have a great deal. Lightning deal can give your product more visibility in terms of product awareness. Visitors will check out your product, and that will increase the traffic on your product page which leads to higher chances of sales.

Halo Effect

The product is displayed even when the timer stops. This enables visitors to come again and check your product. They will look towards getting another chance where they can get the discount since they have missed the last one. This strategy increases the chances of sales. So, every lighting deal impacts on the next cycle of the lightning deal!

Stock Clearance

Lighting deal is a great way to clear your stocks. Such Amazon promotional method works well on seasonal products. At Sunflowmedia, we have seen the highest impact on seasonal products when it comes to lighting deals.

Why Sunflowmedia for Amazon Lightning Deal?

Sunflowmedia have experts that specifically works on Amazon Promotions and Deals. We design the most suitable and sure shot promotions for our clients based on their requirements, stocks, and expectations. Our goal driven promotions have given us precise results, and that’s what we will continue to do for our clients.
Connect with us to discuss your next Amazon Lightning Deal and get the expert consultation from our talented marketers.

Why Sunflowmedia for Amazon Lightning Deal?