In August of 2019, the company, Aviation Broker, approached us to see if we could help them. Aviation Broker is a company that specializes in renting out Business Jet Services, and they needed a bit of help with their campaigns.
Their biggest selling point is that they can get you wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go. They have locations all over the world and can get you wherever you need to be.
The Aviation Broker company is also a proud member of The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). The NBAA has been around since 1947, is based out of Washington DC, and is the number one organization for companies that require frequent flying. They help make businesses more efficient, productive, and successful by providing fast and reliable aviation transportation.
With so many great benefits, Aviation Broker should have no problem getting high conversion rates. However, they still need a professional to help them achieve their maximum potential. When they reached out to us, we discussed just the things they needed for ultimate success.

Client Objective

Our client, Aviation Broker, had a pretty clear idea of just what it was that they wanted as soon as we spoke with them. They had three clear objectives.
The first was to increase leads and conversions. They wanted to get more viewers on their site and turn them into customers.
The second was to reduce the CPC. The cost of advertising can climb pretty high if you’re not careful, and many times, there is a way to reduce that cost and actually get your money’s worth.
Lastly, the client wanted to add relevant Ad Extensions to their campaign. We could easily help with this just by pointing out the best Ad Extensions for each individual scenario.

Client’s Performance Overview

Before we were to officially get started, we needed to get an idea of where we were starting from. In order to do that, we needed to know just how Aviation Broker’s ad campaigns were doing.
In August of 2019, we received complaints from them that their conversion rate was too low, and the Cost per Conversion was too high. After reviewing their data (you can see if for yourself in these two screenshots, we agreed with them. Some of their campaigns actually have zero conversions – something not to be tolerated.
It was officially time to set up a strategy to fix these issues and get these ad campaigns running to their full potential to help Aviation Broker bring in more fliers.


The very first thing we did was run a competitor analysis for the client’s website and check to make sure all web pages were functioning properly on both Desktop and Mobile devices. If something isn’t working right there, then the whole project is going to be entirely off. If people can’t properly access your website, they aren’t going to stay on it for very long.

Next, we began to add relevant Site Link Extensions to the Ad Copy on the website. You can view that here. It’s important that the right Ad Extensions are used – otherwise, you’re not going to get the proper conversion rates and CPC.

Later, we decided to check the client’s previous campaign that he had been using and found that he didn’t have the right keywording. Without that, people weren’t finding what they were looking for when they did stumble across the website. We also found that there were issues with the conversion tracking, so any data that was collected on the conversion rates were totally inaccurate.
The ad copy on the website was also out of date with Google’s new policy, so it needed to be changed and updated right away.
Having found these issues, we made suggestions to Aviation Broker to use theme-wise keywords that were specific to the subject. These keywords needed to be tightly configured and put in new ad copy to increase QS.
We also suggested that they input conversion codes int he “Thank You” page as a more accurate and efficient way of tracking their leads.
The client agreed and took our suggestions.
We then created compelling ad copy for their website and included Ad Extensions in with them for ultimate performance. One of the important steps was regularly optimizing the website in order to keep it in top shape against competitors.
If you’d like to check out the theme-wise keywords, check out these screenshots, To view the ad copy for the website. To see the Ad Extensions we put in place.
To view the ad copy for the website:
To see the Ad Extensions we put in place:


With the client following all of our suggestions, the campaign was properly optimized in a way that allowed for new growth of the Aviation Broker business.
After doing some research to determine the best and most relevant ad extensions such as Call Out, Structured Snippet, and Site Link, we added those in too for an added boost in ad performance.
The campaign performance improved tremendously between when we started this project in August up until now. The conversion rate went up while CPC simultaneously went down. To be more specific, Aviation Broker saw more conversions taking place on their website, and each conversion costed less than ever before. In just two months, the conversion rate increased by 1943%, and the CPC went down by -32%. Those are huge differences – and ones to be proud of.
To view our results of the campaign performance for yourself click to see the screenshot.
All in all, we’re glad to have been able to help Aviation Broker with its ad campaigns. The end result was a happy and satisfied customer whose business is growing more and more each day, thanks to us here at Sunflowmedia.

Target Country

US, UK, Canada, India, Germany, Europe and many more