Amazon PPC Management Services

Boost Up Sales Through Our Amazon Sponsored Product Management Services

What is an Amazon Sponsored Product?

Amazon provides a facility that boost up your product selling through the Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) module. You can promote your products on targeted keywords by submitting competitive bids for a particular keyword.

How Amazon Pay Per
Click (PPC) Works?

Amazon Pay Per Click a.k.a. Amazon PPC has a defined process that needs constant observation and optimization according to competition. Here is the Amazon PPC Process that any seller has to follow:

How Can We Help You with Amazon PPC Management?

First, this process is harder than you may think. It requires constant observation as competition on the bid keeps on evolving. We provide the best Amazon PPC Management Services that cover all the major aspects of your campaign and hence lifting up your sales on Amazon.
Here are the areas where we can help you with Amazon PPC Management:

Set up your ideal Amazon PPC

If you already run a campaign, our PPC experts will audit and optimize the campaign in the most effective way.

Find the right keywords that can
boost up sales on Amazon.

Optimizing your product page that
delivers more impressions.

Build up an optimized product page
that can deliver more buyer clicks.

Improving the Click Through Rate (CTR)
of your sponsored Amazon Ad.

Delivering the best results with
lower Cost Per Click (CPC).

Increasing Conversion Rate of your
Amazon PPC Advertising.

Optimizing competitive bid price in accordance with competition.

Defining and achieving breakeven
ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales).

Optimizing ACoS to offer more
profit margin on your products.

Report back to you on every

Connect with us to know how we can help you lift up your product sales on Amazon. We work on customized Amazon PPC Management strategies that are specially designed for our clients. Can we discuss your next Amazon PPC Campaign?
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Frequently Asked Questions on Amazon PPC

What are the main benefits of running an Amazon PPC Campaign?
Amazon Pay Per Click offers the following benefits to the sellers:
Who is eligible for the Amazon PPC Campaign?
Any seller who is registered with Amazon is eligible for the Sponsored Product. But, PPC drives customers quickly compared to normal SEO and hence it is more suitable for the sellers who have enough stocks of the product.
Where will be my Amazon Sponsored Product displayed?
Amazon Sponsored Products are displayed in several places.
On the desktop, the ads can appear above, alongside or below the search result. The ads can also be displayed on the product detail pages.

On Mobile, ads can be seen below the search results, and on product detail pages.

What type of keyword can I target to get the most benefits in Amazon PPC?
Amazon Pay Per Click offers three types of keywords to bid upon:
What is an Amazon PPC Bid?
In Amazon Pay Per Click campaign, Bid is the amount sellers are willing to pay on each click from the shoppers. The bid amount is equally proportional to keyword popularity.

What is our process of
Amazon PPC Service?

We follow a tested method that has a successful history when it comes to Amazon PPC Services. We give out our apex efforts to increase our clients’ revenue and here are the steps that we follow:
Therefore, let’s discuss your requirements and decide the best strategy that works for you.
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