Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sell on Amazon?

Amazon is world’s largest search engine for products. Millions of customers visit Amazon marketplace for product buying, and selling on Amazon can give a tremendous traction and sales.

How fulfillment by Amazon works?

Here is the process of Fulfillment by Amazon:

  • Set up your Fulfillment by Amazon from Seller Account.
  • Create your product listing.
  • Be prepared with your products.
  • Ship your products to Amazon.
  • When a customer orders your product, Amazon picks, packs and delivers to the customer.
  • Amazon provides customer support as well!

Does Amazon offer fraud protection?

Yes. Amazon has provision called “Amazon’s Payment Fraud Protection” that helps in preventing any kind of fraud.

How do I open a new seller account on Amazon?

To sell on Amazon, you have two options: You can sell as an individual or you can sell as a professional. Before you jump into the process, make sure you have following things by your side:

Your business name, address, and all the contact information.

  • An internationally-chargeable credit card with a valid billing address.
  • A valid contact number that can be used in the following registration process.
  • Your tax identity information for the registration process.

Can I cancel my Professional Amazon Selling Account?

Professional Amazon Selling Account can be switched to personal account at any point of time by changing the setting from your account. You will be no longer able to use some professional account features like bulk reports, order reports, customised shipping rates, and other listing features. However, you will still be able to sell as an individual.

Can I sell in USA, Canada and Mexican Amazon marketplaces? If yes, then how?

When you sign up as a professional seller, you are authorised to sell in USA, Canada, and Mexican marketplaces via a North America Unified Account. For each item sold in the respective marketplace, the seller have to pay the applicable transactional charges depending upon the marketplace region. If you’re a professional seller, then you have to pay only a monthly charge to sell in North America.

How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?

Amazon has two selling plans.
1. Professional Selling Plan
2. Individual Selling Plan
Professional Selling plan is for the sellers who would love to sell 40+ items a month. It takes $39.99 monthly subscription and per-item selling fees varying from categories.
On the other hand, sellers who want less than 40 items to be sold on Amazon has no monthly subscription fees. There will be only per-item fees that varies in each category.

What are the main differences between Professional Sellers Account and Individual Seller Account?

Professional Seller Account costs $39.99 per month subscription fees, where Individual Sellers have no such charges. But Individual Sellers have to pay $0.99 fees per item sold. On the other hand, Individual Sellers won’t be able to use features like: feeds, spreadsheets, inventory loading tools, order reports, order-related feeds, and customised shipping rates.

Professional Sellers are also eligible to sell in extra 10+ categories, where individual sellers are not.

How will the monthly charges will start to apply in Amazon Seller Account?

Monthly charges are only applicable to Amazon Professional Seller Accounts. The cycle of the monthly subscription will start after the registration process completion.

How can I manage my Amazon Seller Account?

You can go to Seller Central website to manage every bit of your Amazon Seller Account. Everything related to selling activity like adding product information, inventory, managing orders can be performed from Amazon Seller Central.

How will I know when I sell an item on Amazon?

Amazon gives a notification via email and text message when a buyer puts an order. You can change the notification settings from your account anytime.

What is a Buy Box?

On Amazon, multiple buyers offer same product. When such scenario happens, every seller is eligible to compete for the Buy Box. In Buy Box, every seller have to prove the excellent services by giving great user experience to the buyers. Amazon uses performance driven winners ini Buy Box, and they give no assurance to any sellers in winning Buy Box. It is completely performance driven!

Can I offer gift-wrap and gift-message to my customers on Amazon?

Yes. Amazon allows sellers to offer gift-wrap or gift-message to their customers. Customers may have to pay extra for such services.

How can I close my Professional Seller Account?

To close your Professional Seller Account, you have to contact Amazon Seller Support. But, you can opt out off categories by Listing Status Feature. You can remove the categories that you don’t want for the future, and still keep the account for upcoming use.

How can I add inventory details on Amazon?

You can use “Sell on Amazon” button on Amazon product page, and add inventory details by various methods. You can add one product at a time, and use spreadsheet to add multiple entries as well.