Amazon is the biggest search engine for product search that is even bigger than Google. With more than 310 million active users worldwide, it has become extremely necessary for every seller to optimize the product in the best possible way.

Working here at Sunflowmedia, we understand the importance of Amazon for the seller. And that’s the core belief behind our premium Amazon SEO Services. Before informing you about our best Amazon SEO Services, let’s understand why it is important for you to adopt Amazon SEO:

There are three major reasons why you should adopt finest Amazon SEO services (Without any compromise!):

Boost up your product ranking on Amazon Search Engine

Drive relevant traffic to your online Amazon Store

Increase your product sales

All these three reasons can be fulfilled with our premium Amazon SEO Services. So, let’s have a glance on the ways we can serve you for your online Amazon store:


We are one of the best Amazon Service Providers in the market right now because of the holistic approach that we have adopted. Our Amazon Consultants have ample amount of experience in designing the right strategy for your store according to the size, scale, budget of your product.

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Amazon SEO Audit

Amazon Audit is the first step of our working, if you have product pages listed on Amazon. Our Amazon Experts will check from head to toe, how well your product page is designed. In this process, our expert will fetch the actual scenario of your product on Amazon by discovering following questions’ answers:

  • What are the target keywords for your product, and what is the current performance?
  • Is the product page is designed according to Amazon Standards?
  • What on-page improvements do we need to get the higher ranking organically?
  • Who are the direct competitors and how well they are performing?
  • What are the keywords that we can target with what intensity?
  • What is the status of Good Customer Review and Bad Customer Review?
  • What is the best strategy to improve the ranking for your product?

In a nutshell, Amazon Audit is the first step of the remaining steps of Amazon SEO. Based on the results of Amazon Audit, further strategies can be designed.

Amazon Seo Audit
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Product Listing and Optimization

If you’re starting from the scratch, then also you don’t have to worry! We have Amazon Experts all lined set to list and optimize your product on Amazon in best possible way! There are four major tasks that we perform in Listing/Optimizing process:

Keyword Research:

Our Amazon experts will perform a thorough research on the keywords that we can target for your product. Some are high intensity keywords, and some are low intensity keywords, but both have benefits. Based on a deep keywords research on Amazon as well as Google, we come up with a list of keywords to target.

Product Title:

Product title is one of the most important factor in organic product finding. Our on-page Amazon SEO experts will create and optimize the best title for your product that can perform well organically. By creating a suitable title that includes multiple combination of keywords, we can help you lift up your rankings on Amazon Search Engine.

Product Pointers / Bullet Points:

Bullet Points are important for SEO, but product pointers are necessary to let the potential customers know about your product. It’s more of a quick view of the product that visitors can see, and that majorly includes the features of the product. But, using this content with the right use of keywords can also help in SEO!

Product Description:

Product description is a major part for optimization as it enables you to include all the details about your product that your visitors should know. But using this space with the right use of keywords, can help you lift up your rankings on Amazon. Our content specialists can design a top notch product description for your product that can give a rank boost to the product immediately.

Starting from the listing to the optimization, we continuously check the pattern of the buyers and visitors. Based on the data, we use the best combination of the keywords with quality content to rank your product high on Amazon.

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Amazon SEO Services

Apart from initial optimization, SEO is a continuous process. We choose to not miss out on anything an continuously work on following Amazon SEO Services for our clients:

  • Unique product description based on targeted keywords
  • Product description that can deliver all the information with SEO perspective
  • Targeting features of the product
  • Customer Review Management
  • Headline Optimization
  • Product Price Optimization
  • Image Optimization
Amazon A+ Content
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Amazon A+ Content / Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

There are two new ways that can attract new visitors to your store. Amazon A+ Content / EBC give 3% to 10% rise in overall sales.

What is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) ?

Amazon A+ Content is a rich content with HD images, Charts, Narratives Copy to give visitors a better idea about a product.

What is Amazon A+ Content ?

Amazon A+ Content is a rich content with HD images, Charts, Narratives Copy to give visitors a better idea about a product.

These two ways can boost your product sales upto 10% and our experts can help you with our Premium SEO Services.

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Amazon Storefront Design

Amazon allows sellers to create a website like experience for the customers with interactive tools. Sellers can attract more customers with interactive designer and product images to the online store. Designing with different themes and drag & drop tools, sellers can increase customer traction. There are certain factors that are necessary to fulfill in designing Amazon Storefront:

  • Themes and Design
  • Template Selection
  • Customization
  • Catchy Banners
  • Product Videos

At SunflowMedia, we can help you with an end to end storefront design service that can drag more customers to your online store doors, and increase sales.

Storefront Design
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Best Seller Rank (BSR)

Amazon Best Seller Rank a.k.a. BSR is a rank provided by Amazon to your product according to the category. BSR can also be calculated on subcategory, and on sub sub category. For Example:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank
#1150 in Beauty & Personal Care
#35 in Beauty & Personal Care > Skin Care > Face > Face Wash
Lower the BSR, higher the sales!
This is one of our premium Amazon SEO services where we help our clients to lower the BSR rank that can increase the number of visitors as well as Sales!

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