How SEO helped CT Sounds Universal Bass Knob with Digital Voltmeter win more sales on Amazon?


The dominance of SEO in search engine ranking is not unknown to many. Search Engine Optimization, shortly known as SEO, is the reigning monarch of the world of search engines. Want your content to float to the top of search results? Play by the rules of Search Engine Optimization.
After establishing its impact on search engine ranking, SEO has long entered with all its majesty into the world of online marketplaces. Amazon, the world’s largest online retailers, extensively use the keywords strategy to decide the top rankers in their different categories of products ranging from home appliances to apparels. If you want your product on Amazon to rank higher in search results, i.e., be amongst the top results for a particular search, you must bow down to the greatness of SEO.
This is the exact thing CT Sounds did with its Universal Bass Knob with Digital Voltmeter and enhanced their sales by manifold. CT Sounds, a leading name in the world of audio accessories, decided to play by the rules of SEO and reached out to us to enhance their Amazon sales. We helped CT Sounds improve their BSR (Best Seller Rank) on, gain more customers, and make a whopping number of sales – all with some clever SEO work.
We also developed a very beneficial PPC campaign for them which helped reduce the advertising costs.


No matter, how amazing your product is, to persuade your customers to make a purchase, first and foremost, you must make your products accessible to them, i.e., reach out to your potential buyers with your product. With the ever-growing number of products being listed on Amazon, it is getting more and more challenging to get customers to purchase, let alone notice your products.
CT Sounds offers the highest quality of audio equipment – one such product is their Universal Bass Knob with Digital Voltmeter. We were handed over the challenge of growing CT Sounds’ Amazon sales for its Universal Bass Knob with Digital Voltmeter which is an audio signal adjustment tool that comes with a rotatory ON/OFF switch and a blue LED display.


The key to getting more customers and sales on Amazon is getting your product noticed, and SEO plays a significant part in that. With a search engine optimized product page on Amazon, a product can rank higher, top the Amazon search results, and win more sales. The product page is optimized by stuffing relevant keywords into the product description.
We began the SEO work on CT Sounds Universal Bass Knob with Digital Voltmeter by optimizing the product title. The product title is the first thing that gets noticed about the product. An appropriate, search engine optimized title draws more traffic and consequently, more sales. The best product title is concise and includes a few top keywords that define the product.
Later, we optimized the product listing. A product listing is a bulleted description of the product. The listing includes the characteristics of the product, and we covered as many relevant keywords to the product listing as possible.
In the end, we shifted our attention to backend keywords. Sometimes, a few keywords cannot find any place in either the title or product listing. To include these keywords without overstuffing the product page, we put them in the backend keywords list, which is not visible to the customers or viewers – just used by Amazon for indexing.
Also, a backend keyword list is an excellent way to include keywords of similar products. This increases the chance of getting more features on Amazon. We added a few keywords of relevant products in the Power Converter category of Amazon since Universal Bass Knob is featured under that category on Amazon.
We also developed a Pay Per Click campaign which helped gain more customers and sales.


The keyword optimization strategy had a tremendous effect on the overall sales of CT Sounds Universal Bass Knob with Digital Voltmeter at Before SEO came into effect, CT Sounds were making a meager number of sales for its Universal Bass Knob with Digital Voltmeter.

Soon after the optimization, the BSR started to improve. Here is screenshot.
Just like the first position in exams is obviously considered better than second, similarly lower the BSR rank, the better is your overall position on Amazon. We managed to lower the BSR rank, as well as the ACOS.
CT Sounds was able to cut on advertising costs to a great extent just with the help of our PPC campaign. We started a PPC campaign on Amazon for their Universal Bass Knob with Digital Voltmeter. PPC stands for Pay Per Click – it is an advertising technique where advertisers only pay for ads clicked by viewers. The advertising strategy we designed for Universal Bass Knob in the form of our PPC campaign proved a massive success. With the help of our PPC campaign, the viewership and consequently the sales increased, cutting down advertising costs tremendously.
Comparing the effects on ACOS, the ACOS costs reduced and came up to 14.81% for the February sales compared to the larger 15% for January sales. Here is screenshot for January Sales.
Compare it with the ACOS cost for February Sales here.
For those who don’t know, ACOS stands for the Advertising Cost of Sales. It is the cost of a sponsored advertisement on Amazon.
Soon, the benefits of our SEO strategy and PPC campaign started to pay off in the form of an overwhelming customer response. The number of total orders shipped also increased dramatically. With the help of SEO and PPC, CT Sounds managed to skyrocket its sales to 37,888.85$ in February from a comparatively very low 18,733.33$ in January. Compare the February sales and expenditure.
with the sales and spending in January.

Sales in the start of October 2018

Date Ordered Product Sales Units Ordered

Sales in the end of January 2019

Date Ordered Product Sales Units Ordered

Sales Summary