In April of 2019, we had a hopeful client reach out to us – Professor Andreas Obermair. He wasn’t too happy about his current online marketing campaigns because he was not seeing the results he wanted. Upon speaking with him, we soon found out just what he needed, and we knew the proper steps to take.
The topic we were going to have to work with may seem like a difficult one for some, but not for us here at Sunflowmedia – it’s not about the topic as much as it is about the science of marketing – and we’ve got that covered.
Professor Obermair is a gynecological surgery specialist, whose practice is based out of Spring Hill in Queensland. He works to remove gynecological cancers of varying complexities, and he’s done surgeries for uterine, ovarian, cervical, and BRCA cancers, just to name a few. Cancer, especially gynecological cancers, can be a difficult thing to talk about, but it’s a serious matter that deserves careful attention.
Luckily, we know how to handle it.

Client Objective

After speaking with our client, Obermair, it was clear just what he needed. The objective we all agreed on was to increase leads and conversions on his website, reduce the CPC on advertising, and decrease the need to keep adding quality calls on the website.
It’s easy to think that just because a doctor has the credentials and the experience, they don’t need a top-notch website or advertisements. That’s simply not the case. Not only were our objectives to benefit the client by bringing in more customers and helping him save money, but it was also good for those looking for help with their serious health concerns. The business and advertising sides of any medical practice are just as important as what you’re actually offering because otherwise, no one will be able to find you.
Our personal goal was to make sure those who need Obermair’s services could easily find him online, and in order to do that, we needed to up the advertising game, make high-converting content, and make it affordable for Obermair’s company to produce such critical products.

Client’s Performance Overview

In April of 2019, Obermair approached us with complaints of their conversion rates. They had 6 campaigns going in the month of April to help boost their visibility and customers. Out of all of those campaigns, they only had 12 conversions that entire month – that’s only 2 conversions per campaign on average. To make matters worse, their conversion rate was only 2.2% – an extremely low rate.
Each conversion they did have was costing them over $120 too. With a price that high, it was practically a lose-lose situation for each new conversion. If you’d like to see the data for yourself, you can check it out here.
We knew it was time to get serious, and in order to do so, we needed a strategy to tackle this problem.


The first step we took was to run a competitor analysis for Obermair’s website. In order to cut through and be seen on the internet, we needed to know who we were up against so we could properly plan a way to beat them to the top.
Next, we checked to see how well the website worked on both a desktop and a mobile device. If you have landing pages that aren’t showing up right or functioning properly, chances are that those who are able to find your site won’t stay on there for long if it doesn’t seem to work. So, we checked for that.
After checking all of this out, we used our knowledge and experience to formulate a list of very specific keywords that we suggested the client use
Here is one list: And here is another:
The client agreed to the use of these keywords, so the next step was to add the keywords to the website. The way we did this was with compelling optimized ad copy. Here it is if you’d like to see it. Ad copy also helped a lot to keep those who found the website interested. Ad copy helps people recognize the services they need and it builds trust between the business and the customer.
We also made sure to add in ad extensions to the newly created keyword-rich web content. This helps the reader navigate the website to read and learn more, and it even makes booking appointments easier. Better accessibility means they’re more likely to go through with their decision. Here are those ad extensions for you to see.


Following the strategies that we discussed above, the campaign performances began showing more promising results. We saw great improvements in numbers – this included an increase in conversion rates while simultaneously seeing a decreased cost per conversion rate – just what we had down as our objective.
As you can see from this screenshot, our strategies allowed for a 173.53% increase in conversion rate within just 2 months! That’s huge! By June, we had a total of 93 conversions, thanks to keywording, ad copy, and ad extensions.
To add to that, the cost per conversion went down tremendously as well, dropping down to just $86.29 per conversion. That’s nearly a 50% change in the cost, practically cutting the original cost in half.
With these kinds of results, we hit our client objective with ease. Obermair got just what he needed to improve his website, and his business is thriving because of it. Here at Sunflowmedia, we want to help as many as we can and boost businesses of all kinds! We’re glad to have had the opportunity to work with Obermair, and to be able to say we’ve satisfied yet another customer. Obermair was happy with the results and so are we.

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